AI Apps for Android & IOS: Amazing Artificial Intelligence Applications

how artificial intelligence will change the future
how artificial intelligence will change the future

Artificial intelligence is one of the trending topics nowadays. It is getting into our lives at a quick pace. Business owners are using Chatbots instead of customer service departments. On the other hand, people are also using AI apps as a personal assistant, face recognizer, Chatbots, word to speech etc. Well, Today I’ve made a list (and of course with details) of amazing AI apps for Android and IOS. These artificial intelligence apps are very intelligent, maybe even more than you think!

[Featured AI App] Seeing AI

It is the application powered by artificial intelligence that deserves the first place on this list. It is an app developed for the blind or low vision community. This app uses the power of A.I to recognize text, objects, people and translate it into words for blind people. Some of Its features are

  1. Speaks text when it comes in front of the camera
  2. Recognize friends, describe people around you. It can even tell their emotions
  3. Describe the scene around you
  4. Identify currency bills when paying with cash
  5. Reads handwriting

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Personal Assistant AI Apps

Whether you’ve android device or IOS, you can install Lyra. Lyra virtual assistant is available for both Android or IOS. Lyra is your personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence. She can give personal opinions and much more. It has really some amazing features…

  1. Tell jokes
  2. Play YT videos
  3. Translation
  4. Find restaurant
  5. Manage diary
  6. Set alarms
  7. Search the web
  8. Weather & Latest News
  9. Search the web
  10. Open maps and give you directions

and much more.

Jarvis is another ai based android app. If you are an Iron Man fan, you may already know what Jarvis is, Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But it is only available for Android. Some of its features are

  1. The easiest way to set up an Alarm, Quick & Easy.
  2. Answer your questions
  3. Voice notifications about News, battery, and weather.
  4. Can change your wallpaper, almost every day.
  5. Control your device settings like flash, WiFi etc.
  6. Reminder for contacts when you get or make phone calls
  7. Play media by name, artist, and album.
  8. Answer general, historical etc. queries

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Chatbots Artificial Intelligence App

Chatbots are computer programs that are used to stimulate conversions with a human. They can talk like humans, ask questions even they can answer questions. Below are some fun and amazing chatbots applications for Android and IOS phones.

  • Replika

With over 500K installs and thousands of happy users, Replika is an Android and IOS chatbot app. Replika is your AI friend that you teach and grow. It learns from you when you talk with him. The more you talk the more he’ll learn from you. It keeps you company and helps you explore your personality.

For Android: Replika

For IOS: Replika

Speech to Text & Text to Speech

  • Google Text-to-speech

Installed by more than 100M, developed by Google and loved by Millions, This is the most efficient app for Text to speech. Whether you want to listen to ebooks on google play books or just want to convert the email received into speech, you can do so by using this app. This app supports dozens of languages! But the downside is that it’s only available on google play store.

Download for Android: Google Text-to-speech

Similar app for IOS: Text to speech

  • Speech to Text

A simple to use app to convert speech to text which can be sent as an SMS or Email or copied and pasted into another app. The app uses Android’s built-in Speech Recogniser to turn speech into text. The app is also capable of speaking text out using your built-in TTS Engine.

Download for Android here.

A similar app for IOS is here.

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