10 Amazing Facts About Human Body {With Pictures}

Amazing Facts About Human Body

Want to learn something new and fascinating? What about learning about your own body? It really has some amazing facts that you are unaware of! Let’s learn some amazing facts about human body, and of course with pictures!

amazing facts about human body (DNA)

If uncoiled and tied end to end, the DNA in all of your cells would stretch from earth to the sun and back, many times!

Each adult human being’s cell has about 6.5 feet lengths of DNA strands. Knowing that, on average, there are about 30 trillion cells in a human body, it is estimated that your DNA would stretch from earth to the sun and back, many times!

amazing facts about human body

After death, the enzymes and bacteria that once help digest your food begin to eat you!

Enzymes are chemicals, not living organisms, secreted by a certain type of bacteria. They are helpful in digestion of food i.e by increasing the chemical processes. Bacteria in your body are responsible for the formation of many enzymes. But when you are dead these enzymes and bacteria start eating you!


Infants have about 94 more bones compared to adults!

Yes, you read it right. Most adults have about 206 bones but this is not the case for a newborn baby. Babies have about 300 bones, the extra bones are mostly made up of cartilage. These bones fuse together with age leaving behind only 206 bones!

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The acid in your stomach can dissolve metal!

A research conducted in the 1990s shows how gastric juice in the human stomach can dissolve a razor blade! A razor blade was incubated in simulated gastric juice at 37 degree-centigrade, and the result was as described below.

Dissolution of the razor blade was proportional to the duration of acid immersion. At 24 hours, the blades weighed 63% of the original weight.

But if you swallow plastic, it should come out of the other end, as good as new!


Your brain consumes more energy than any other part of your body.

The brain is one of the most hardworking organs you’ve! It even works when you are sleeping. Hence it consumes more energy than any other organ of the body. It consumes almost 20% of the energy.

Amazing Facts About Human Body

Image source: Welleschik

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Stapes is the smallest bone in the human body.

Stapes, also known as stirrup is found in middle ear of human beings. It is the smallest known bone in the human body. Stapes is involved in the transmission of sound vibrations to the inner ear from the middle ear.

Fumur (Thigh bone)

Image Source: Frank Gaillard

Your thigh bone is stronger than concrete.

The human thigh bone is hollow and light in weight but it can bear more weight than concrete if applied at 180 degrees (vertically downward)! It really depends on the angle at which force/weight is applied to the bone. On the other hand, if force is applied at 90 degrees than a weight of about 20 lb might be enough to break the femur (thighbone).

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swimming pool

An average person in his lifetime produces more than 20,000 liters of saliva which is enough to fill two swimming pools!

An adult human is known to produce about 700-800 milliliters of saliva each day. The production of saliva is much higher in the daytime when the person is waking than during sleeping. Now taking 750 milliliters as average, a human being produces 270 liters saliva each year. So, if a person lives for 80 years he will produce about 21,000 (a rough estimate) which is enough to fill two swimming pools!


Just like a thumbprint, every human also have a unique tongue print!

Like fingerprints, the tongue also have wrinkles and marks that are unique for every human! There is an ongoing research on tongue prints. There are many other biometric authentication techniques e.g; fingerprints, palm prints, voice recognition etc. but each has its own pros and cons!


There might be more bacteria in your body than all the humans living on earth.

There are a lot of bacterias in our mouth, many are beneficial for us. Some even protect our teeth and gums. But it is also a truth that there are some bacterias in our mouth that are not good or at least do more bad than good.

So these were the 10 amazing facts about human body with pictures. I hope you enjoyed these cool and fun facts! Please share these amazing facts about human body with your friends by using the buttons below!

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