25 Interesting and Amazing Science facts to blow your mind!

Amazing Science Facts

Science is really a fascinating thing. There are many amazing facts about science that we don’t learn at schools. Well, today I’m going to make a list of twenty-five interesting and amazing science facts. I hope you’ll enjoy learning these informative and interesting science facts.

Amazing Science facts

  1. It is estimated that nearly 4 billion trees are cut down each year to make papers.
  2. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva is a disease in which a person’s muscles are replaced by bones. This constrains movement.
  3. On June 21, 1994, Jose Martin with his wife, was driving his car when a 1.4 Kg meteor crashed through his windshield. Martin suffered a broken finger while his wife was not injured.
  4. The color of the blood of cockroach is white. It is because it lacks hemoglobin. Hemoglobin gives a red color to the blood of animals and humans.
  5. A new study suggests that a human nose can distinguish between more than a million smells.
  6. There might be more bacteria in your body than all the humans who have ever lived on earth.
  7. Pure water is an insulator, not a conductor. In distilled water (pure water) there are no ions, the molecules are neutral. Hence the distilled water can’t conduct electricity through it.
  8. Hundreds of new species are discovered each year by scientists. Some even say that, on average, around 40 species are discovered each day.
  9. It is predicted that we have only discovered 14% of the species in the world.
  10. Dried onion tears, tears of happiness, tears of pain, when studied under microscope show different structure.
  11. Scientists have created an oxygen particle that when injected into the blood, let’s you live without breathing. It was tested on a rabbit, whose windpipes were blocked, was reported to live for fifteen minutes.
  12. An average strike of a lightning contains more than a million volts of electricity. Wouldn’t it be great if we could store it?

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Interesting Science facts

  1. Water can be boiled and frozen at the same time. This is known as the triple point. It happens when pressure and temperature are adjusted in such a way to reach the triple point where the water remains at all three states i.e solid, liquid and gas.
  2. There are some paints that let’s electricity pass through it i.e they are conductors.
  3. Electrons in a copper wire move slower than a snail. But why do bulbs turn on very quickly when you switch a bulb? (I guess you said this). It’s because copper is already full of free electrons so when you switch the button on, an electron enters into the wire from one end and from the other end an electron enters into the bulb. That’s it!
  4. Adding salt to a pineapple makes it sweeter.
  5. A dam built by China has slightly affected the rotation of the earth. It has a capacity of about 39 trillion kilograms.
  6. Newborns can only see black, white and gray.
  7. Amazon rainforests are known to produce around 20% of world’s oxygen. Oxygen is essential for lives.
  8. If you rub garlic on your foot for few minutes (15-60 minutes) you’ll be able to taste it. It’s because it can travel through your bloodstream.
  9. A snail can sleep for more than a year!
  10. Snakes are the true carnivores, they eat nothing but other animals. They don’t eat plants.
  11. Smart people usually underestimate themselves. On the other hand, ignorant people usually do the vice versa.
  12. World’s quietest room is -9 decibels named Anechoic (means no echo). There you can even hear your blood flowing. The longest time a person stayed in this room was only 45 minutes.
  13. The smell of rain is caused by plant oil, ozone, and bacteria. Actinomycetes is the bacteria that causes the sweat smell of rain. Won’t you share this fact with other when it rains for the next time?

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