Eris (Dwarf Planet): Eris Facts, Atmosphere, Surface, Moon, Orbit & Astrology

Eris facts

There are five dwarf planets in our solar system. One of which is Eris. Although, scientists think that there are more than fifty dwarf planets in our solar system. It is interesting to know Eris facts. Also, It is the second largest dwarf planet in our solar system after Pluto.

When Eris was discovered it was thought to be bigger than Pluto. Thus NASA initially described it as the tenth planet of our solar system. In 2006, International Astronomical Union (IAU) approved it as a dwarf planet. In fact, it is slightly smaller than Pluto. It orbits in Kuiper belt – A region outside of Neptune’s orbit. Below are some interesting Eris facts and information.

Eris Facts and Information:

No. of moons One
Estimated Diameter 2397 Km (1445 miles)
Atmosphere Methane ice
Date of Discovery January 5, 2005
Length of Day 25.9 Earth hours
Length of Year 558 years
Average Temperature Minus 243-degree centigrade

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This short video reveals some interesting information and facts about Eris. Watch it to know how scientists measured its diameter from the earth by catching it as it passed in front of a star. Go ahead and enjoy Eris facts.


Eris was discovered on January 5, 2005, by M.E Brown, C.A Trujillo, and D. L Rabinowitz. It was named after Eris goddess of strife in September 2006. Initially, NASA recognized it as a planet of our solar system. In 2006 IAU approved it as a dwarf planet. The discovery team used spectroscopic observations to study it. Its discovery might be beneficial in future for more discoveries in our solar system.

Atmosphere & Surface:

Eris is not visited by any spacecraft yet, the information about its atmosphere and surface is limited. The discovery team used spectroscopic observation to study it. They found Methane ice. Scientists think that its surface might be similar to that of pluto’s. There will be more information available about it once it is visited by a spacecraft.


Eriss has only one known moon. Its name is “Dysnomia”. In 2005 Micheal E. Brown and his team in Hawaii discovered a moon of Eris orbiting around it. Brown’s team nicknamed it “Gabrielle”. The IAU latter named it as “Dysnomia”, after the name of goddess lawlessness.


Scientists think Eris and Dysnomia are the second most distant objects from the sun. A year on Eriss is equal to 558 years on our earth. Also, Its location is Kuiper belt. Kuper belt is the region outside of planet Neptune’s orbit. Its is maximum distance possible from the sun is about 97 Astronomical Units. While one AU is the distance of Earth from Sun.

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