Haumea (Dwarf Planet): Haumea facts, Diameter, Moon, Orbit, Surface & Distance from Sun

Haumea facts

Our solar system has five dwarf planets, one of which is Haumea. Although, Some scientists believe that there are more than fifty dwarf planets in our solar system. It is one of the fastest rotating objects in outer space. This fast rotation is the cause of its elongated shape. Below are some Haumea facts you might enjoy learning…

This two minutes video shows some interesting and cool facts about Haumea. Go ahead and enjoy watching it.

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Interesting Haumea facts and Information

  • It has two known moons. Their names are Hi’iaka and Namaka.
  • It is one of the fastest rotating objects in the solar system. There might be many fast-spinning objects but larger objects don’t rotate that fast. Its very fast spinning is one of a strange fact. It completes its one rotation around its own axis in about 4 hours, which is too fast.
  • A year on Haumea is equivalent to 284 earth years. Length of a year on a planet depends on its orbit. It completes its orbit around the sun in 284 earth years. So, its one year is equal to 284 earth years.
  • Haumea has the shortest day. A day on a dwarf planet depends on how fast it rotates around its own axis. It completes its one rotation in about 4 hours which means its one day is equivalent to earth’s 4 hours.
  • It is beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune. Neptune is the last planet in our solar system but the solar system doesn’t end there. Haumea is located beyond the orbit of Neptune.
  • It is located in Kuper belt. Kuper belt is the region behind the orbit of the planet Neptune.
  • It is about half the size of the moon. Its estimated diameter is 1632 Km (1014 miles). The diameter of earth’s moon is 3474 km (2159 miles) which is about twice of 1632 Km or 1014 miles.
  • Haumea is at a distance of about 43 AU from the sun. While one AU is the distance of earth to the sun. Now, can you imagine how far is it? 43 AU is equivalent to 645.2 million miles.
  • Its average temperature is less than minus 223-degree centigrade. This low temperature is not unusual. Almost all of the object in the Kuper belt has a very low temperature. This is because of a huge distance from the sun.

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Haumea facts and information table

No. of moon 2
Estimated Mass 4.006*10^21 Kg
Length of a year / Orbit 284 earth years
Location Kuper Belt
Estimated diameter 1632 Km or 1014 miles
Length of a day 3.9 hours
Distance from the Sun 43 AU
Discovery date 28 December 2004


Haumea has two known moons. Their names are Hi’iaka and Namaka. The diameter of Hi’iaka (which is bigger) is about 310 Km or 193 miles. On the other hand, the estimated diameter of Namaka is 170 Km (105.6 miles).

Distance from the Sun:

The average distance of Haumea from the sun is 43 Astronomical Unit (AU). Where one AU is the same distance between earth and the sun. Also, 43 AU is equal to 645 Million miles.

Diameter & Surface:

Its estimated diameter is 1632 Km or 1014 miles. It is thought to be the second smallest dwarf planet in our solar system.

Orbit & Length of a day:

Orbit and length of a year is the same thing of a planet or dwarf planet. Since it is too far (43 AU) from the center (sun) around which it revolves. It takes almost 284 earth years to complete its one orbit.

On the other hand, the length of a day depends on how fast it spins or rotates around its own axis. Which is very fast ~ 3.9 earth hours.

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Image credit: Jin Zan

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