10+ Most informative websites to increase your knowledge

most informative websites

So now you want to utilize your online time by learning something new. You shouted, “I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME ANYMORE!!!“. Better late than never (:p)). I was just kidding. Well, below are ten plus most informative websites. These sites through a lot of amazing info for free. I’ll divide the list into three parts (i) Technology related informative sites, (ii) Science related informative websites and (iii) Space related informative websites.

Technology-Related informative websites

One of the best informative websites related to technology is TechCrunch. It provides information related to new technologies and tech gadgets. This website is a good source for technology news. Techcrunch is also known for social media e.g: Whatsapp and startup related stories.

Tech2 is another well know technology hub. This site provides tech related articles, news, and reviews on different tech gadgets and websites. Tech2 mostly review new gadgets, phone, tablets, Laptop/PC and gaming devices.

One of the top ten most informative websites in the tech industry is Cnet. It has millions of social media followers! This site is famous for tech gadgets review, technology advancement, and tech news. I got this laptop (I’m using right now) after checking it’s review on Cnet.com

TechRadar has 740 global Alexa rank and 444 in united states it means that this site is 740th most visited website on the internet. It is famous for tech gadgets review and ratings. It also shares many useful deals on Amazon and other popular stores with its readers.

Digital trend is another famous tech site. Technology related news is the basic part of this site. Also, it shares deals/offers from Amazon and other famous online stores. This site has a beautiful design.

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Science-Related most informative websites

According to science.gov homepage “Science.gov searches over 60 databases and 2,200 scientific websites to provide users with access to more than 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information including research and development results”

If you want to stay alert to a particular topic of your interest, you can also opt-in for their alert. They will email you when they have something new related to your topic of interest!

One of the most popular science blogs is Science Daily. This site has interesting and technical science news. Its popular categories are Science and society, Space and Astronomy, Tech and Health.

If you love to read science stories and new discoveries, this site is for you. Science news is a good source to stay up to date with new science researches and articles.

NOVA is a popular TV series. It is one of the highest rated science-related programs. This show is for curious people who want to learn interesting science facts and questions & answers.


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Space-Related best informative sites

NASA.gov is the official site of NASA Inc. You might be thinking that it would be boring because it’s a ‘gov’ site and may contain the boring documents. I don’t know about boring document but the site itself is really interesting and shares mind-blowing space-related facts and discoveries! This site is one of the most informative sites in space category. If you are a space lover then this site is for you. It contains thousands of space images, articles, new discoveries and much more for free!

Another popular space and astronomy related site is space.com. This site offers space information including news, facts and space images.

From definition to space research articles and news, this site covers a lot of space topic. You should check this site daily to stay up to date with outer space and astronomy.

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So above are the sites I think are the most informative website of 2018 in these categories. Although It’s my own opinion, there would still be some sites more informative than the above, that should be added to the post. Please if you know one, submit it in the comment section below. And if you like this article please consider sharing it with your friends on your favorite social media!

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