25+ Interesting astronomy facts and information

interesting astronomy facts

So you like space and astronomy since your childhood and today your interest has taken you there. Well, today I will try to change your “I like space and astronomy” to “I love space and astronomy” with these fun and amazing astronomy and facts! Enjoy these interesting astronomy facts.

Top ten interesting astronomy facts and information

  • Zero gravity affect astronauts’ heart shape

A study showed that astronauts’ heart becomes 9.4 percent more spherical due to zero gravity. This can cause serious trouble including cardiac.

  • There are more than 100 space tourists

More than 100 people have visited space and ISS. Some stayed for two days and some for a few weeks. Space tourism is very expensive but still, people are paying Millions (Depends on time to stay and some other factors) to visit space and ISS!.

  • Cold welding

If two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will bond and be permanently stuck together! This process is known as cold welding.

  • The astronauts’ footprints might stay on the surface of moon for many years

Since there is no air or water on the surface of the moon, there are high chances that astronauts footprint will stay there for many years. On the other hand, there is a constant bombarding of meteors on the moon which may cause erosion of astronauts footprints.

  • Light cannot escape from the surface of black hole

Ever wondered why the black hole is dark? Black holes are so dense with high gravity that no object can leave its surface. Not even light can leave the surface of the black hole due to high gravity. That’s why they appear dark!

  • All of the space is silent

Space has no atmosphere and it is consist of vacuum. Sound waves need a medium to travel e.g:- air. Since there is no air in the space, sound can’t travel through it.

  • Rocket science is really hard

On January 28, 1986, a space shuttle disintegrated after 73 seconds of launching. Seven people died. The reason was a rubber O-ring that failed because it was unusually cold. A space shuttle contains more than a million such things, a slight error can cause such explosion.

  • A day on Venus is longer than its year.

Venus revolves speedily around the sun but rotates very very slowly around its own axis. This is the reason why a day on Venus is longer then it’s year. A day on Venus is almost equal to 243 days on earth.

  • Biggest star in the universe

VY Canis Majoris is the biggest star in the universe known to man. Its diameter is 1.976 Billion Kilometer. It is 2000 times wider than our sun. More than a billion suns can fit into VY Canis Majoris.

  • The closest known black hole to earth is V616 Monocerotis

V616 Monocerotis is the nearest black hole to the Earth. It is 3000 years away from the surface of the earth. It weighs between 9-13 times the total mass of our sun.

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Other interesting astronomy facts and information

  1. The shape of the universe is a lot like a human brain.
  2. Sun is 400 times larger than the moon but it is also 400 times far from earth. That’s why sun and moon appear to be of the same size!
  3. There is more energy reaching on earth per day from the sun than we use in one year for fossil fuels e.g: Coal, Natural gas, and Petroleum!
  4. 99% of solar system’s mass is our sun.
  5. You weigh less on Mars than on earth. If you weigh 100 lb on earth then you will weigh 38 lb on mars.
  6. A year on Mars is 687 days long.
  7. 6 Mars can fit into our earth. The diameter of planet Mars is 6779 Km which is nearly half the diameter of our earth.
  8. The estimated temperature on Venus is nearly 467-degree centigrade.
  9. The percentage of carbon dioxide on Mars is ~95.32% and 2.7% Nitrogen.
  10. According to an estimate, made by the astronomers, there are more than one hundred billion galaxies in the universe.
  11. Saturn is less dense than water so it can float on water. Although, it is the second largest planet in the solar system but it is made of gases.
  12. The full moon is about 8-10 times brighter than the half moon.
  13. Moon is moving almost 3.8 cm away from the earth every year.
  14. Milky Way galaxy may contain more than 100 billion stars.
  15. Neutron stars can rotate 716 times per second
  16. The red color of Mars is the result of iron rusting.
  17. Light takes around 8 minutes and 11 seconds to reach earth from the sun.

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