Future technology that will change our lives

Future technology that will change our lives

Predicting which technology will impact most on our life in future is a hard job since a lot of new technologies are emerging every year. One can only guess for a certain technology to change our life completely. I will later describe some technologies that will have high impacts on our lives e.g:- Flying cars and Space tourism in this post but for now, I’m going to explain Artificial intelligence – the future technology that will change our lives. It might also be the biggest threat to human civilization.

Future technology that will change our lives

One of the most emerging technologies of this century is artificial intelligence. A.I is also known as machine intelligence (M.I). Many scientists think that A.I is the future technology that will change our lives. Stephen Hawking said that A.I can destroy humanity. Numerous movies, books, articles, and news are published everywhere about artificial intelligence. It is also a trending topic on social media as well. Some of the famous novels about A.I are Neuromancer by William Gibson, Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson and Ancillary Justice etc.

Artificial intelligence means making a machine makes decisions or perform tasks that require intelligence. Nowadays artificial intelligence is being used in many fields including military e.g:- Military robots.

According to Wikipedia A.I was started in 1956 and it lost funding since it started, known as A.I winter. But now it seems to be A.I spring!

Uses of A.I:

Military Robots (Robot soldiers):

It is estimated that US army will have more military robots than human soldiers in 2025. Advanced robots are being made with military applications in mind. There are many types of these robots from support robot to tank robot for a battlefield. Some types of military robots are below

  • MAARS (Tank robot)future technology that will change our lives
  • DOGO (Small size spay robot with a camera and 9mm pistol)

  • Guardbot (Spherical robot with powerful cameras, originally created for the mars)

  • RoboBee (Spay robot fly with a camera that can also be used for pollination)

Speech recognition:

Speech recognition also known as voice recognition is one of the important use of artificial intelligence. Most of speech recognition’s use is in computer software, mobiles application, detecting someone or for security purpose etc.

Handwriting recognition:

We use Handwriting recognition in scanners etc.There are also some other uses of handwriting recognition.

A.I in medical treatment:

Although it is not very popular yet but is a truth that A.I is being used in medical treatment even helping doctors in treatment. There are a lot of other applications of A.I.


Chatbots are computer programs used to simulate a conversation with a human. They are also one of the trends in A.I. Business owners can use them instead of paying employees for customers support. In one of my post, I shared some mind-blowing uses of Whatsapp bots and chatbots.

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Other future technologies that might change our lives

I’ve already discussed the future technology that will change our lives above. Below are some other technologies that might also change our lives in future. Even if it doesn’t change our lives completely it still can have great effects on our lives.

  • Renewable energy

According to TheGuardian, solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide. In future, we might not need to live anymore on expensive and non-renewable resources i.e fossils fuels. We can produce solar energy on places like deserts and then transfer it to cities with the help of wires/cables undersea or ground.

  • Flying car

It is a no bullshit, flying cars really exist! According to Bloomberg, China has given a real boost to flying cars. It is also an emerging technology and investors are investing in startups of “flying cars”. In future, you might see people flying over you in their flying cars!

  • Space tourism

Dozens of people have already visited the space. With the success of Elon Musk’s reusable rockets space tourism might get a boost. People will be able to visit space for a cheap price with this success but it is not going to be cheap anywhere soon.

  • Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are using Artificial intelligence. With the continued improvements in A.I the self-driving cars industry might also get a boost which may replace manual driving cars.

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