Planet Mercury Facts: A strange planet with amazing facts + Graphic video

Mercury facts

Mercury is really one of the strange planets of our solar system. It has some wired but cool and interesting facts. For example, it is the nearest planet to our sun but it is also not the hottest! I’ve listed more than ten such amazing and fun facts about Mercury. Enjoy reading these mercury facts!

This short video below revels five amazing facts about mercury with some amazing graphics and images. Go ahead and enjoy watching it!

1) Informative Mercury Facts

  • Mercury is not the hottest planet in our solar system, even though it is nearest to the sun. Yes, you read it right, It’s not the hottest planet in our solar system. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. It’s because of the atmosphere Venus has. It has clouds of gases that prevent rays and heat of the sun from escaping from its surface (Like Greenhouse effect, but it’s not green)
  • You would weigh 62% less on Mercury than you do on earth. It has less force of gravity compared to earth. So, you would weigh less there as compared to on earth. (Find out how much you would weigh on Mars)
  • It is the nearest planet to the sun. It is 0.39 AU away from the sun (One Astronomical Unit or AU is the distance of the earth from the sun). Or it is 36 million miles or 57 million Km away from our sun.
  • It completes its orbit around the sun in 88 days. Length of the year depends on the orbit of a planet around the sun. So, the length of a year on Mercury is 88 days long. Which makes it the planet with the shortest year in our solar system.
  • A day on Mercury is longer than 58 earth days! Length of a day on a planet depends on how speedily it spins/rotates around its own axis. Mercury rotates very slowly around its axis as compared to earth. That’s why its day is 58.6 times longer than a day on earth. In hours its day is 1,408 hours long. Which means it is a planet with second longest day in our solar system.
  • It has a magnetic field which is 1.1% the strength of earth’s. Although It is slowly spinning planet, it still has magnetic field strength. According to Mariner 10 space probe, it is 1.1% the strength of earth’s.

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2) Facts about Mercury for kids

  • It has no moon. Along with Venus, It also doesn’t have any known moon.
  • Two space probes have visited Mercury. MESSENGER and Mariner 10 are the only space probes that orbited around it. MESSENGER was launched on 3 August 2004. On the other hand, Mariner 10 was launched on 3 November 1973.
  • It has a very thin atmosphere. Mariner 10 space probe found that it has very thin to almost no atmosphere.
  • It is too cold at night. Although it is the nearest planet to the sun, it’s still too cold at night and too hot at daytime. Unlike Venus, it has almost no atmosphere or clouds of gases to retain heat from the sun. Its temperature is about minus 173-degree centigrade at night and 400+ Degree centigrade at daytime.
  • It would take about eighteen Mercurys to be as big as our earth. It is too smaller as compared to our earth.
  • Mercury is 0.055 times the mass of earth. Its mass is 3.3*10^23 Kg which is 0.05 times that of earth’s (5.9*10^24 Kg).
  • It is the smallest planet in our solar system. Pluto used to be the smallest planet in our solar system. Now after IAU recognized it as a dwarf planet that makes It the smallest planet in our solar system. Its diameter is 3,032 miles or 4880 Km. It is about 1200 miles smaller than the second smallest planet of our solar system i.e Mars (4212 miles or 6778 Km).

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Mercury facts and Information Table

No. of moon Zero (0)
Estimated Mass 3.3*10^23 Kg
Length of a year 88 earth days
No. of spacecraft visits Two (MESSENGER & Mariner 10)
Diameter 3,032 miles or 4880 Km
Length of a day 58 earth days
Distance from the Sun 0.39 AU or 36 million miles

Composition: What is it Made of?

It is made of 42% of Oxygen, 29% sodium, 22% Hydrogen and 6 Helium. Also, some traces of CO2, Argon, Nitrogen, Neon, and Potassium are found.

Mercury Planet color

The color of mercury is dark gray. Since it has little to no atmosphere, the sunlight is reflected by its surface which is made of rocks. The color of a planet depends on the sunlight it absorbs and reflects.

Surface and Atmosphere

According to the observations from the Mariner 10 space probe, It has a very thin atmosphere. It can’t hold heat inside it due to lack of clouds of gases. Its surface is similar to that of the moon. It is estimated that it is inactive for billions of years and was bombarded by comets and asteroids about 4 billion years ago.

Orbit and Spin

It spins around its own axis very slowly but orbits around the sun speedily. Also, it’s the nearest planet to the sun so it has smaller orbital length than earth. Its year is almost 4 times shorter than earth’s year.

On the other hand, Its day is too larger than a day on earth. One day on Mercury is equivalent to 58 earth days!

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