Root Android phone without computer | APKs to Root Android without PC

root android without computer

In my previous posts, I shared web development trends coming out in 2018 and WhatsApp bots/chatbots mind-blowing uses. Today I’m going to share, How to root android without computer or PC.

Why one want to root Android without PC?

People want to root their android device because it gives them admin access to their phone. This way you’ve got the right to make changes (that you can’t without rooting) to your phone.

You can access your favorite Application/Game’s database where you can make significant changes e.g: Adding coins in temple run. Sound amazing! Isn’t it? You can even add objects of your choice and imaginations to your favorite game and much more.

BUT The first thing first…

Disclaimer / Warning 

Although, I’d rooted my own device and millions of people do that. But before you start rooting your device beware that you can even damage your phone! So, use it at your own risk and follow the instructions. Also, watch the videos (of other people rooting their devices) below before taking any action.

What are the risks involved in rooting an android phone?

I know this is the question you are asking yourself now. The answer to this question is here.

  • You can lose the warranty on your Android device if you root it (In most cases).
  • Your device can be restored (formate) if you don’t follow the instructions (Rare).
  • You can even damage your phone’s software (Rare).

I’m stating this warning at the start of my post because I don’t want you to get in trouble. But if the warranty of your device is already gone, you can proceed with the following APK files.

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Root Android Without Computer

First of all, install a RootChecker from google play store. It will come in handy to checker whether you’ve properly done the process. You can later uninstall it. This app is not compulsory, it will not help you root android without PC or computer but it may help you verify that you’ve done the process the right way.

Applications to Root Android Without PC

  • TowelRoot (No PC needed)

Let me first explain, Why I placed TowelRoot (APK) first on my list. It’s because I’ve used it myself and it has the minimum risk. I rooted my device using TowelRoot when I wanted to get access to the databases of some of my favorite games. It is one of my favorite one click root app.

This video (2-3 minutes) below shows everything from A-Z to root android device without computer, using TowelRoot. I strongly recommend to watch it before taking any action.

  • KingRoot (For Tablets / Smartphones)

Another most heard names when it comes to rooting a phone without pc is KingRoot. It is one of the best one click root apps for android (you may root android 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.01, s5, s7, note 3, note 4, note 5, lollipop, Marshmallow and many others) you’ll ever use. All you’ve to do is to download and click on the button and it will start rooting. In some cases, your device will reboot (restart) during the process.

This short video below shows, how you can do it with Kingroot (APK). If you are planning to go with KingRoot, I strongly recommend to first watch the video below.

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I hope these two (Which I think have the least risk) apps have helped you root Android without computer or PC. Please share it on your favorite social media using the buttons below. Also, if you’ve any comment or feedback please don’t hesitate to ask it in the comment section below!

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