[Android Apps] 10 Free Science Apps for Elementary Students

science apps for elementary students

Do you want your youngster to utilize his/her time to learn something useful and interesting? Well, Here are ten free science apps for elementary students. These apps can arouse the interest of science in your youngster!

10 Free Science Apps For Elementary Students

  • Khan Academy 

Khan Academy was founded in 2007 and has served millions of students worldwide. One can learn almost anything related to education for free from Khan Academy. Your child can learn Science, Math, History, etc. all for free! I’ve kept Khan academy in the first position of my post Free Science Apps for Elementary Students because it is one of the most popular educational apps.

  • NASA

This is an official app of NASA. This app can arouse the interest of space exploration and astronomy in your child. This app can be very useful for your child to learn more about space and to stay up to date with space discoveries and stories. Its feature is

  1. View over 16K images
  2. NASA live TV
  3. Latest news from NASA
  4. Latest NASA mission info
  • 3D Brain

With this app, one can learn a lot about different parts of the brain and their functions.”3D” in the title indicates that you can view brain in 3D format. You can zoom and view parts of the brain and study their functions. You can also read the overview of parts of brains. This free android app also includes case studies.

  • Periodic table 2017

If you want your child to learn periodic table with pictures and diagrams then this app is what you need. Its features are

  1. 118 elements
  2. Electron shell diagram for each element
  3. Solubility chart
  4. Molar Mass Calculator
  5. Atomic, thermodynamic, electromagnetic and reactivity for each element

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  • Science Quiz Game

As the name indicate this is a science quiz game. This game can engage your little student in science with some of its interesting features. Below are some of its features

  1. Photo Guessing
  2. Challenge your friends
  3. Hundreds of interesting questions
  4. Compete with friends
  • Scientific experiments

This is the free android app for your child to learn wonders of physics and chemistry in a fun and entertaining way! This app shows scientific experiments to your child which is an interesting way to learn science.

  • Amazing Science facts

Amazing science facts is a good way to build interest in science in your elementary student. This free android app gives some interesting information about science to your child.

  • Kids love science

This free android app is for children of age 3-10. This app introduces your elementary student with achievements in science, exploration, and adventure with stories.

  • Science experiment videos

This app contains some science experiment videos, but be careful since some of the experiments are dangerous e.g:- electricity experiments. Watching science experiment is an easy way to arouse interest in science.

  • All in one calculator

With over 1,000,000 downloads from the play store, this all in one calculator is a very famous calculator. It is claimed to fulfill all our math needs with over 50 calculators and unit converters!

So above are the 10 Free Science Apps for Elementary Students. I hope you find it useful.

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