WhatsApp bot and Chatbots: Building, integrating & Mind blowing uses

whatsapp bot and chatbots

As of July 2017, Facebook has reported that Whatsapp (WA) has surpassed 1 Billion users. Since its lunch in 2009, it has gathered more than a billion (Now its about 1.3 Billion) users in less than eight years. And, Oh boy! With the increase of its user base questions like these also increased…

How to build a simple Whatsapp bot?

How do I integrate a Chatbot with Whatsapp?

Do Whatsapp allow bots?

What are Whatsapp chatbots and bots

Bots are computer programs used to perform automated tasks. On the other hand, Chatbots are programmed bots used to simulate the conversation with humans. Whatsapp bot can perform following functions…

  • Download images and videos from the internet
  • Exploring Wikipedia for information
  • News headlines & weather
  • Notifications & Flight time
  • Automatically reply with a particular message
  • Automatic image and videos sending
  • Dictionary & Calculator
  • Time & Translate

and much more.

Whatsapp Chatbots can perform following functions

  • Can chat with you
  • Can chat with someone else (All the day long :p))

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Why people need WhatsApp bots

Good question! As you may already know businesses have reached there! Many business owners e.g:- Local or eCommerce shop owners use WA to connect with there customers. If used correctly, WA is proven to be successful in local businesses. Frederik Van Lierde published a case study on linked telling how he got more clients to his local store with Whatsapp!

As you may have already guessed, Whatsapp chatbots and bots can be very beneficial for businesses. Businesses with huge clients can integrate chatbots with Whatsapp. In this way, they can save both time and money from employers (Customers support).

Although most of there use is for business purposes, they can also be used for fun and education purposes. Students can use them to get information from Wikipedia. They can also download PDFs and video lectures etc.

Do Whatsapp allow bots?

facebook spam complain

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, They don’t allow Chatbots or bots on its platform nor they provided an API (Application Program Interface). API is used to connect bots with the given application. WA has officially denied to botify its platform which means if they found any number that is associated with bots, will be banned! But that does not mean “end of the road”.

In this situation, you can do the following…

  1. Wait for a little more! There are some chances that soon WA will officially allow them.
  2. Check out these current work in this game…

WA Chatbots are here!!! 2018 doneright

Chatbots life

How to activate WA bot

Update: WhatsApp chatbots after ‘WA for business’


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